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Just as well I figure because it means I can mess about and say what I like whilst I work out just how this blogging shizzle works! It seems everyone these days knows how to blog, tweet, facebook, or BBM every little thing and yes, I’m on all those things but that doesn’t mean I understand them! Twitter for example. I’ve only recently started playing around with it and I just don’t get it! Is nothing private anymore?! Anyone with half a brain would tell me to delete my presence from these sites but the online mole people have my details/pictures/comments/life so it would be utterly pointless. Besides, how else would I find out how many kids Courtney from school has now or how horrendous Jas looked last friday night?! Forget that these people have no bearing on my life whatsoever.

OK, the real point of why I’m trying to get to grips with exciting media like this is because I want to be the best at my work and being the best involves creating the best contacts and making sure you’re at the front of their minds. Yep, that’s why I’m here and talking rubbish guys; so you folks can help me on my way to buying any one of the hundreds of beautiful homes i’ve looked at today on some luxury real estate website. Hey, a girl can dream. And on that note, goodnight.

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